What does it take to constantly embrace meaningful growth?

Welcome to Glenfiddich Where Next Club, a platform that brings influential changemakers and challengers of the status quo together for a series of round table conversations. In collaboration with Tatler Gen T., we brought together prominent pioneers to inspire the next wave of innovators in Singapore.

Embark on a journey of growth with us.


Meet the pioneers who embody Glenfiddich’s maverick spirit in whisky-making.

  • mentorship:


    Co-founder & CEO of ADPList

  • Going Global:


    CEO, CCO of Benjamin Barker Group

  • impact:


    Designer at Design Incubation Centre


  • Co-founder & CEO of ADPList
    Co-founder & CEO of ADPList

    Game Changer in Mentoring Scene

    Felix Lee launched ADPList, a mentoring community, during COVID to help people who had lost their jobs by allowing them to connect with mentors from companies like AirBNB and Netflix.

    In his session, Felix speaks about the importance of mentorship for aspiring entrepreneurs, how they themselves can be mentors, and the role of mentors in encouraging entrepreneurs to challenge norms and innovate.

Nelson Yap

  • CEO, CCO of Benjamin Barker Group
    CEO, CCO of Benjamin Barker Group

    Game Changer in Going International

    When his dad was diagnosed with cancer, Nelson found himself giving up his dream of becoming a filmmaker in Melbourne, and took over his dad’s business selling discounted suits and shirts.


    That eventually led him to start Benjamin Barker, a leading menswear label in Singapore which has expanded regionally to Australia, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam. The brand has also moved away from selling just suits to selling casual wear made from sustainable materials. 


  • Designer at Design Incubation Centre
    Designer at Design Incubation Centre

    Game Changer in Creating Impact

    Practising empathy is the key to communicating with the end users says Poh Yun Ru. After learning about her grandmother’s dementia diagnosis, she chose to focus predominantly on well-designed functional and inclusive products for the healthcare sector. 


    Her award-winning cognitive stimulation therapy, Rewind, uses visual aids, motion-tracking tools and sensory cues to trigger memory in dementia patients to relearn how to make tea, water plants, walk dogs and perform other essential tasks.


Read their stories of forging their own path and how that one quality has helped them navigate their own journey.

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