The Balvenie The Makers Project

The Makers Project explores modern creativity across categories, celebrates intrinsic values and thoughtful processes of making. It unpacks the uniquely human elements that elevate the ‘great to the exceptional’. We commissioned six Southeast Asian artists to create six unique art pieces that represent and embody the heart of their country.

MADE BY HEART. Reimagined by Adeline Tan.

  • “The Tiger of Singapore”
    “The Tiger of Singapore”

    by Adeline Tan, visual artist, Singapore


    This artwork draws its inspiration from the Tiger Orchid, a rare beauty that blooms once every few years. It represents patience and perseverance, values close to the Heart of Singapore. At the same time, it celebrates the spirit of craft that lives on at The Balvenie.

MADE BY HEART. Redefined by Fern Chua.

  • “Freedom and Fluidity”
    “Freedom and Fluidity”

    by Fern Chua, Batik artist, Malaysia


    Discover timeless mastery blended with contemporary beauty. Hibiscus flowers and Rajah Brooke butterflies capture the Heart of Malaysia, connecting the past and present the same way the spirit of craft lives on at The Balvenie.

MADE BY HEART. Transcended by Phannapast Taychamaythakool.

  • “Love and Time”
    “Love and Time”

    by Phannapast Taychamaythakool, artist, Thailand


    At the Heart of Thailand is love. Inspired by classic Thai literature, this design tells of a quest to go beyond the ends of the earth to find that “special something”. It’s part of a never-ending search for an experience that only comes from the ultimate in craftsmanship.

MADE BY HEART. Envisioned by Daryl Feril.

  • “Preserving the Precious”
    “Preserving the Precious”

    by Dary Feril, artist, The Philippines


    To showcase the Heart of the Philippines, the artist features the country’s exotic flora and fauna. It comes from a passion to preserve the rare and wonderful, much like the commitment to craftsmanship that defines the distinct character of The Balvenie.

MADE BY HEART. Coloured by Diela Maharanie.

  • “Cendrawasih”

    by Diela Maharanie, artist, Indonesia


    A Cenderawasih, the infamous Rafflesia and traditional dancer form the Heart of Indonesia. Rich colours bring these elements to life, refined with passion, skill and imagination. It’s how one continues to perfect a craft that never fails to stir the senses.

MADE BY HEART. Celebrated by Caubetho.

  • “Mice Wedding”
    “Mice Wedding”

    by Caubetho, artist, Vietnam


    Inspired by a popular folk painting, this creation celebrates not just a wedding, but the marriage of different blends crafted by The Balvenie. It’s a union of the classic and contemporary, a portrayal of the progress and tradition that make up the Heart of Vietnam.