The Balvenie A Day of Dark Barley 26
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  • ABV: 47.8% | Volume: 700ml

    The Balvenie A Day of Dark Barley 26

    The Balvenie A Day of Dark Barley 26

    Combining dark, brittle roasted barley with traditional barley to create a dark black-brown mash. This is then distilled and matured for 26 years, defining a rich and spicy Balvenie spirit.

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    It still has that honey, vanilla, citrus flavour from the first fill Bourbon casks – but you’re also getting something a little bit different, too. There’s a smokiness and an oakiness. It’s a heavier note, with more wood influence. Extra depth


    • Nose

      Big malty notes, soft brown sugar, vanilla toffee, blossom honey and a mild oaky spiciness.

    • Taste

      Syrupy with a toffee sweetness, some citrusy notes of tangy orange peel, followed by oak vanilla and a touch of cinnamon and ginger spices at the end.

    • Finish

      Enduring gentle waves of vanilla and oak spices.

    The Balvenie Malt Master

    David C Stewart (MBE)

    The Balvenie Cask Finishes showcases the breadth and depth of our honeyed house style through a variety of diverse wood finishes. Our very own Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE pioneered this technique of finishing back in the 1980s, making him a leading figure, and expert, in crafting these whisky expressions.

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    The Balvenie is a range of single malt whiskies crafted by Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE. Each expression is unique, but all are rich, luxuriously smooth and underpinned by a distinctive honeyed character.

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